Monday, July 27, 2015

Harry Potter.

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I'd address one of my biggest obsessions; Harry Potter. I've read the books countless times and have seen all the movies enough times to say the lines along with the characters (Which Alexander doesn't appreciate sometimes, lol). This past weekend was ABC's Harry Potter weekend where they play the movies all weekend and they usually add in the deleted scenes as well, which is exciting for me to look for while I'm watching. Alex and I spent the whole time analyzing the movies and discussing them compared to the books because I'm currently re-reading the series again! At this very moment in fact I'm wearing my Hogwarts school t-shirt! 

I also have a sweater like this & a Harry potter Snuggie!

As a child and teenager the books were an escape for me. I was very quiet, shy, and usually kept to myself so I fell in love with the wizarding world. So, turning 11 and not receiving my Hogwarts letter was the most disappointing thing. But you can find them on Etsy! I have an account on Pottermore & was placed into the Hufflepuff house which I couldn't be more excited about! A tid bit of random info as well is that I share my birthday with Daniel Radcliffe! To top it all off on my 20th birthday I got a Harry potter tattoo & I love it so much. 

Sorry for the bad quality! 

That's just a little look inside my love for Harry Potter! If you love it as much or want to share anything leave me a comment below! As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope your peachy keen as a jelly bean!


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